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Kitchen and Dinning Table

The kitchen is well equipped . Our in house cook can serve and cater to your needs.

Huge Patio

Watch the sunset

The terrace is open and has a nice breeze with green all around and hills on two sides.

Balcony View

Hill and farm view

Ideal place to use your Portable Tents and Sleeping Bags.

Night View

Ambient Lighting

Lawn area around the bungalow are ambiently lit that provides you the homely feeling.

Day View

Green All Around

The bungalow resembles modern architecture giving you an experience different from city life.

Spacious Hall

French Windows

Our Hall is spaciuos and have french windows for natural light and hill view from the sofa.


of the accommodation

'Geeta Nandan', A luxurious 3bed bungalow nestled in the lap of western ghats, near Mumbai-Pune Highway, Lonavala.

Nestling in the hills of Lonavala & Khandala, karla Caves, temples, chikkis, trekking on ancient forts, lush green hills, forests, dams & waterfalls have a special attraction seeking a convenient weekend holiday offering.
Ideal for families and groups for a get-together and a stress free weekend.

Well equipped kitchen and a cook who can serve vegetarian and non-veg meals on order at material cost. Place your order in advance for fresh purchase and preparation to serve you on time for Breakfast, Lunch, Evening snacks or Dinner.


of the Bungalow

  • Hall with French Windows.
  • Three furnished bedrooms with attached bathroom.
  • Well equipped kitchen with cook facility.
  • Refrigerator and Aqua guard filtered drinking water.
  • TV with DTH connection
  • Hot and cold water.
  • Car parking facility.
  • Inverter backup facility.
  • Indoor Games like Carrom, Dart, Chess and Playing Cards.
  • Luxurious Patio and private terraces.
  • Provision to accommodate 15 to 20 persons. 3 bedrooms having 3 Double beds, extra mattresses available.